A Content Marketing Plan???

A CONTENT MARKETING PLAN??? Business owners understand the importance of a business plan, most understand the importance of a marketing plan, but many are unfamiliar with the importance of a content marketing plan. A well-designed content marketing plan will align with the business plan, be a key driver of the marketing plan and will lead […]


SELL SOLUTIONS, NOT PRODUCTS! This concept is not new and although many businesses recognize the concept many small and mid-size companies do not practice it.  However, small businesses in particular have an advantage when it comes to selling solutions!  Let’s think about this for a moment… Small business owners usually do not expect to enter […]


UNDERSTANDING DIGITAL MARKETING Digital Marketing is generally thought of as “online marketing” but it is so much more. Digital marketing is any marketing that uses digital channels (website, email, social media, digital advertising, and mobile messaging) to reach customer and prospective customers. Here are a few examples of the digital channels mentioned above: Website No […]

The Value of WH(Y)

THE VALUE OF WH(Y) You can look at your sales and see what your customers are buying and when they are buying, but do you know why they are buying? Why?  This is probably one of the first questions you ever get asked from a child.  “Why do I have to…?” If your parents were […]

Inflation’s Impact on Small Businesses

INFLATION’S IMPACT ON SMALL BUSINESSES Small businesses definitely impact our economy, but the changes in the economic climate over the last few years has taken a toll on these businesses as well.  According to a recent study of small business owners by the US Chamber of Commerce, inflation and supply chain issues are the top […]

Branding vs Marketing

Branding vs Marketing Before we get started, let’s clear up a few misconceptions: • Branding and marketing are not the same • Branding comes before marketing • Branding is not just having a logo or trademark People often use the words branding and marketing interchangeably which is incorrect. Branding is your image your identity and […]


CUSTOMER FEEDBACK IS IMPORTANT! Knowing the likes, dislikes, and needs of your customers are critical to the success of your business.  Therefore, collecting customer feedback is important!  Customer feedback can give your leadership team insights on a plan and path for every aspect of the business – from product development to the customer experience, including […]