Branding vs Marketing

Before we get started, let’s clear up a few misconceptions:

• Branding and marketing are not the same

• Branding comes before marketing

• Branding is not just having a logo or trademark

People often use the words branding and marketing interchangeably which is incorrect. Branding is your image your identity and marketing is the actions you take to make your target audience aware of who you are.

Though they should work together, they are not synonymous. Should work together? Yes, unfortunately one of the common mistakes of entrepreneurs is they attempt to create a brand and either do not create a marketing strategy or they create a marketing strategy that does not align with the brand image.

Your brand should be created based on things like your core values, personality and principles, and what makes you unique in the market. That is why branding comes before marketing. In simple terms, you can’t tell people about you, your company, your products (marketing) without really knowing your identity (branding).

Understanding your target market and how they may react to certain colors and images is important in the branding process. Creating a visual image of your company and products (logos, trademarks, color palettes) are a part of the branding process, but that is not THE BRAND. Once again, the goal of branding is to create the identity that will enable you to market to your customers.

Branding creates the brand identity Marketing connects the brand to the company, products, vision.

Branding tells your story Marketing aligns the story with your brand initiatives.

Branding builds the connection Marketing builds trust in your brand.

So…Branding is your personality and Marketing is how you share your personality.