Business owners understand the importance of a business plan, most understand the importance of a marketing plan, but many are unfamiliar with the importance of a content marketing plan. A well-designed content marketing plan will align with the business plan, be a key driver of the marketing plan and will lead to a successful digital marketing plan.

A good content marketing plan needs to know a few things:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What information are they looking for?
  • What kind of content works best?
  • Which social media channels are visited most by this audience?


Your answers to these questions have a significant impact on how well the content performs. For example, if your target audience mainly interacts with video channels like YouTube or TikTok and you put most of your content on a written blog, they are not likely to receive that information.

Know Your Audience

Using programs like Google Analytics and social media analytics available on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, can get data on things like age, gender, income and even education. This information allows you to decide what content they will most likely gain their attention. 

This information also allows you to create customer personas, which are profiles of the ideal customer who would use your content. The more detailed out the persona, the better you will be able to create content for their wants and needs.

Decide What You’ll Post and When

Now that you have a plan for the content in place, now you need a plan for posting that content. If you are planning a series of blog posts, post them in an order that makes sense for your readers.  Is there an event coming up that coincides with your content? If so, coordinate that content with the event.

Your customer personas and your demographic information will also decide when you will post content. Certain groups of people check their email or read content at certain times of the day, so you will match your post schedule to that time.

Post Regularly

Before I talk about this, I must confess, while I post regularly for my clients, I miss the mark here for my business.  However, the key to engaging your audience is regularly producing and posting content. This includes sending emails that contain sales, newsletters, greeting cards or any content relevant to your customers on a timely basis. If you produce quality content, your audience will know when to expect it and engage with it. Plus, having a scheduled posting time will keep your content team on track to produce more consistent content.

Complete a Content Audit

A content audit is a log of all your content, showing you how it performed. Look at the data from the analytics mentioned earlier.  This includes social media shares, whether anyone shared the posts, etc. It shows you which content is most beneficial to your customers. It also gives you a chance to update your content. Rather than getting rid of content, you can add inbound links or more relevant information to help it perform better.

Creating and implementing a content marketing plan is not easy, but it can produce some great results, brand strength/recognition and of course revenue.

Like I mentioned in the beginning, many are unfamiliar with the importance of a well-developed content marketing plan, so knowing how to create and implement one can be quite the task, but do not fear, Danon Consulting LLC has the knowledge and experience needed to design a custom content marketing plan for your business.